I’ve known Jesus all of my life, thankfully. Although it has only been 34 years, it’s safe to say my relationship with Him has grown in both depth and breadth. It has developed from the factual knowledge and simple prayers of my childhood to conversations, questions, life experience, and His loving and loyal presence of […]

Sadder Day

I’ve always had a soft place in my heart for this day. Saturday. The 2nd day. Right in the middle of two of the most important days for a Christian. It’s the day after the vicious murder of Jesus Christ and the day before our salvation became a reality.    Saturday is the waiting room. […]


I remember when I first really thought about eternity. I was standing in the middle of my front yard looking out towards the road, woods, and sky ahead of me. I was around 7 or so and these words kept circling in my mind. Eternity. Forever. And ever. Forever. I’ll be honest, it kind of […]

My Lent ADD-venture

Over the past week and a half I have been taking part in observing Lent. Instead of the usual “giving up” of something, I decided to ADD something into my life that would be refreshing, spark my mind, and help strengthen my relationship with Christ. Margaret Feinberg, an awesome Christian author and communicator, put together […]