I’ve known Jesus all of my life, thankfully. Although it has only been 34 years, it’s safe to say my relationship with Him has grown in both depth and breadth. It has developed from the factual knowledge and simple prayers of my childhood to conversations, questions, life experience, and His loving and loyal presence of […]

His Presence

I love the calming effect that the ocean has on me. Whenever I have a chance to be around it, I let it all sink in. The sound of the water lapping over itself, the rhythmic dancing of the waves, and the tranquil lay of the ocean as it meets the sky all draw me in […]

What I Read in 2016

Over 2016, I was able to read some really great books! I didn’t manage to read as much as the previous year, but it was successful nonetheless! I dabbled into fitness and health books this year (even read a book written by a Kardashian and was overall really impressed with how encouraging it was), read books […]