In my life, I have had an interesting relationship with the trinity. I wouldn’t dare try to explain the trinity to you here as I wouldn’t do it justice. It’s a mesmerizing and glorious mystery of how God can be in 3 forms and I love every bit of it. In my childhood, I grasped […]

Keep Strumming…

Life is hard. We all have had struggles, lingering bad habits, relationship strains, and memories we’d like to forget. We’re an imperfect group of people just trying to make it through one day at a time. If you have faith in Jesus and the hope of salvation in your heart, mind, and soul, then there […]

The Bible’s Guide on How to Be Confident

Confidence is something many people appear to have, especially on television or online. Whether it’s confidence in their appearance with a new selfie or their thoughts in an opinionated post, the truth is sometimes it can be confused with “arrogance.” Some people may look to media or news reports to build up their confidence but […]