Sadder Day

I’ve always had a soft place in my heart for this day. Saturday. The 2nd day. Right in the middle of two of the most important days for a Christian. It’s the day after the vicious murder of Jesus Christ and the day before our salvation became a reality.    Saturday is the waiting room. […]

Like a Flower

I had a beautiful flower given to me a couple of weeks ago by my sister. I planted it in a cute little pot, gave it water and love, and a couple days later…it deflated. Basically, the flower stems went from being vertical to horizontal. It was so sad.   So, I gave it more […]

I Use the Table of Contents

Just because you grew up in church, like I did, doesn’t mean you know everything about the Bible. I didn’t know all the answers during Bible Quiz Bowl and it took me time to memorize scriptures at church camp…but I would memorize them eventually and I kept learning! I recently watched the movie Noah. I’m […]