His Presence

I love the calming effect that the ocean has on me. Whenever I have a chance to be around it, I let it all sink in. The sound of the water lapping over itself, the rhythmic dancing of the waves, and the tranquil lay of the ocean as it meets the sky all draw me in […]

Sadder Day

I’ve always had a soft place in my heart for this day. Saturday. The 2nd day. Right in the middle of two of the most important days for a Christian. It’s the day after the vicious murder of Jesus Christ and the day before our salvation became a reality.    Saturday is the waiting room. […]

Like a Flower

I had a beautiful flower given to me a couple of weeks ago by my sister. I planted it in a cute little pot, gave it water and love, and a couple days later…it deflated. Basically, the flower stems went from being vertical to horizontal. It was so sad.   So, I gave it more […]