Mandy was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Her passion is to communicate with others for personal and spiritual growth through her writing. She is also a Speech-Language Pathologist and loves helping others learn how to communicate. Whether it’s through an encouraging word to a patient, conversation over coffee with a friend, time with family, or a recent blog post of hers, she thrives off of using her words to support positive change, encourage others, and foster a laugh and a smile from the listener.

Mandy has been journaling for over 13 years and began her blog in 2011. Her work has been featured on ibelieve.comcrosswalk.com, womensministrytools.com, and The Fish. Mandy also has a passion for leadership and speaking. She’s led women and teenage small groups, has led worship while playing guitar and singing in adult and children’s church environments, and presented at a national convention in regards to her work as a Speech-Language Pathologist. 

Communication in its many forms have been a major part of Mandy’s life thus far. Her passion for the Lord and using words to cultivate a change of heart and mind continues to grow. Join Mandy on her journey through this joyous life we are all called to live!



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  1. you words are wonderful and encourage i am african from nigeria and i am so much in love with your faith and grace ,your blessed and beautiful

    1. Naati,
      Wow, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! It’s awesome to meet you! Thank you for visiting my site all the way from Nigeria! 🙂 Blessings to you!

  2. Its great to met someone like you, God fearing and so happy. Often mature single ladies don’t enjoy life but complain about not being married yet. Metting you just reafirmed that I can be single, love God and be happy. Am waiting on God for a wounderfull husband one of His best sons but in the meantime am living my life to the fullest enjoing my time as a single born again christian, and serving God to the best of my abilities. Lots of love from Kenya!

    1. Nancy! Thank you so much for your sweet words and encouragement towards me! I am so grateful that you have been able to visit my blog and that God could work through it to give you more confidence and joy in your life and in Him! I am definitely a constant work in progress but KNOW that He has a great plan for me — in ALL of the areas of my life! God Bless you!!

  3. Hi Mandy,
    I read your blog on ibelieve this morning. I know the Lord meant it for me today. I am a widow (my husband passed away 4 years ago) with 3 children aged 14, 13 and 10. I live in New Zealand. Your words are so inspirational. The Lord wants to love us all so intimately and I know He has a plan for my life. Sometimes I wonder why He hasn’t bought a man into my life and the lives of my 2 boys but I have a wonderful support network of both women & men. But I can see how He continues to gently grow and change both me and my children. I am involved in my church as well as inner healing prayer ministry and I am building a beauty therapy business at home in which I desire to touch the lives of women with God’s love. God bless you in your ministry.

    1. Jacqui,
      Thank you so much for letting me know how the blog has reached you! Your encouraging words mean so much! I love how the Lord works and shows us just what we need to read at just the right time, don’t you? The Lord has such a great continual plan for your life and your children! I know the Lord has you in His hands and I pray blessings to you, your children, and your business as well!

  4. Hello Mandy

    I believe everything happens for a reason. I just lost my job and being by the holidays…this holiday will have slim pickens this year. My college-aged daughters will have probably no gifts. But they have their faith and that gift always give. I believe I was led to your sight! Your words are inspirational and faith-based. Thank you again and its great to be Christian and single!! God bless you.

    1. Hey Mary,
      I’m so sorry to hear of the hard times you’re going through. Sounds like you and your daughters have a great faith and love for each other! I’m so glad that you were led here and that I was able to encourage you! Yes, I agree! God bless you too!

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