“When God Winks” / Inneractions Podcast – Episode #14

If you’ve been reading my blog over the past 6 months you may be familiar with some of the God-winks that God has been showering over me. My good friend Hamilton Winters asked me to be a guest on his podcast recently entitled “Inneractions” to share some of the amazing God-winks from God I have experienced in relation to the topics of trust, hope, and my writing.

I hope this conversation can inspire you to keep looking out for what He wants to say to you today! He loves to talk to us. Let’s trust what He has to tell us!

I’d love for you to take a listen and join in on the conversation we were able to have!

Click one of the links below to tune in! 👇



2 Replies to ““When God Winks” / Inneractions Podcast – Episode #14”

  1. I really enjoyed and felt God speaking to me through reading your words on the lessons from the book of Ruth. Thank you! One Love!

    1. So glad God spoke to you through it, Carl! Thanks for letting me know!

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