How May I Help…Myself?

Writing is a form of therapy for me, and when I’m really fortunate, what I write resonates with you guys as well. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to write on topics that are close to my heart. I have had the amazing opportunity to be a contributing writer over at as well and if you haven’t checked out this site before, I highly encourage you to do so!

As I have grown in my writing muscles and outreach over the past 5 years, I have had some really outstanding responses to my articles and posts! I picked out 6 articles that I have written that have been overwhelmingly received here on My Joyous Heart and iBelieve for you to have at your fingertips this month. I hope at least 1 will speak to you!

1) Some Friends Are Not Forever

As a woman in her 30’s I’ve been in multiple friendship circles and have had many opportunities to meet new people. I found, however, that it was increasingly hard to be an active friend in each person’s life the way I had hoped. That’s when I came to find that some friends are in our lives for short seasons and some for life, and that’s ok.

2) What To Do When You Feel Stuck

Oh boy, 2014 was a rough year for me. Many stressful events happened in what seemed to be a domino effect throughout that year. If you find yourself in a stressful time of indecision, I hope this can give you some comfort!

3) 10 Bible Verses to Calm Your Anxious Soul

If you have clicked on your television or Facebook newsfeed over the past 3 months, I am sure you can find at least 1 major issue that is causing you anxiety. I hope this can give you power in His Word over the stress of this current day and age.

4) He Wants My Last Name, First

Sometimes I can twist and turn events in my life to make them mean what I want them to. Meanwhile, God meant something entirely different. No guess work required. Just listen.

5) The Thrill of Hope

Do you need a little hope and a boost of encouragement? Luckily, being hopeful can be contagious! I love looking forward to something exciting in the future and sometimes that might be all we have to cling onto.

6) Why I Must Keep Writing About Singleness

When your palms are sweaty as you hit the publish button, that usually means you’re about to kick some fear to the curb. Writing about dating and singleness is both easy and hard for me. It pushes me into a vulnerable spot to share my feelings on these personal topics but so far it’s definitely been worth it!


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