Change of Perspective

Are you in a rut? You may not even be aware that you are in a “rut” if you’ve become complacent or numb to your circumstances.

A routine and a rut are two separate things, to me. Routine is an order of doing things that work smoothly to get to a desired end. A rut is more of an autopilot setting of moving through life without really seeing what’s going on around you as you move throughout your day. You can also be in a mental rut. Looking at things from only one perspective.

I had a moment of inspiration a couple of weeks ago. I pulled up the blinds on my window in my living room and the light that came in was magnificent! It opened up the entire room with sparkling beams of joy!

I had my papasan chair set up in front of the window and, like most people do, I had my chair set up to look into my room. I sat down and was…disappointed. I saw my furniture and walls with bright radiance, but I was literally facing the darkest part of my room away from the source of the light.

So you know what I did? I proceeded to turn my chair around to face out that window.

What a view! It made so much more sense to have my chair looking out of the window so I could see the trees, people, birds, and flowers dancing in God’s magnificent landscape. Yeah, it looks funny when you walk into the room, and I’m sure the “feng shui” is all messed up, but I don’t care!

The truth is, the view and sunlight were there regardless where my chair was facing, but by simply turning the seat around, I was able to enjoy it fully as it was intended.

Are you going through life fully experiencing all that God has for you? Do you need to “turn your chair around” so that your perspective can change? Maybe the situation will stay the same, but with your new outlook, the view can brighten your mind and heart.

So what can you “turn around” today? It may feel silly at first, and you might not look like everyone else, but give it a chance.

The new view is amazing!

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