Sadder Day

I’ve always had a soft place in my heart for this day. Saturday. The 2nd day. Right in the middle of two of the most important days for a Christian. It’s the day after the vicious murder of Jesus Christ and the day before our salvation became a reality. 

Saturday is the waiting room. The dark. The unknown. The quiet. Many times life can feel like that. Stuck in between knowing you’re going to be ok and actually being…ok.

I appreciate that Saturday. The day that gets little talk or acknowledgement because it’s uneasy. It’s rough. It’s ugly. It’s the nervous knot in your stomach before you give your life to Christ. But I’m so thankful for that day for it’s as opposite to Heaven as can be. It’s the last day in history before grace appeared. Salvation through the risen body of Christ. 

On that Saturday the victory was unknown. Hearts were broken. Souls were scared. Minds clinging to hope. The guards were in place. The body was wrapped. The rock held the tomb sealed. But not for long. 

If you feel like that Saturday, or if your mind gets stuck under that tomb-sized rock, understand that you’re not alone. But remember that the rock rolled away. Jesus rose from the deep, dark, death and one beautiful day, we will also rise. Rise from death, from despair, from sin, sadness, from being stuck in that “Saturday” of life. Rising into His arms for all eternity. 

May you rise this Easter morning with peace, strength, love, and faith. Live now with the freedom and power given to us through the Holy Spirit. Even if your faith is as small as a mustard seed.



8 Replies to “Sadder Day”

  1. Very insightful, Mandy. I think it’s on those “Saturdays” that I’ve grown the most in my faith. Thanks for reminding us that He uses every day for His special purposes!

    1. Thank you, Donna! Yes, I agree!

  2. Thank you Mandy, those particular Saturday’s can be overwhelming at times, thanks for the reminder. May Christ’s Peace surround you all the days of your life.

    1. Thank you, Andrew! And the same to you!

  3. Elizabeth Rosner says: Reply

    I absolutely love this! Yesterday was indeed the sadder day. This morning we can proclaim, He is alive! He is risen! Hallelujah 💙🙌

    1. Thank you so much, Elizabeth! Yes! Hallelujah!

  4. Sandra Johnson says: Reply

    Happy Easter Mandy! Thank you for another thought provoking story. One day we will know exactly what took place on that dark Saturday. When it seemed so cold,dark and lonely in that grave. Praise God that he made a way for us to an eternal life after our death also! Wise men and wemen seek him. I am so very proud of you! ❤️

    1. Thank you, Aunt Sandra! Happy Easter! Yes, praise Him! Love you! ❤️

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