The Thrill of Hope

If I could wish one thing for you in the New Year, it would be for you to have hope.

Love is noted to be the greatest out of faith, hope, and love (1 Cor 13:13), but because I love you so much and have faith in the power of hope, I am wishing hope for you in 2016.


Hope is enchanting and thrilling. It puts a twinkle in your eye. When you have it, it can grow your love and faith in others and Christ as well. See how that works?

Hope gives you a burst of energy when you can’t motivate yourself. Hope wakes you up in the morning with a smile. It forgets the tears you cried as you fell asleep. Hope comforts the lonely and discouraged. Hope picks you up when you fall and keeps pushing you to try again. Hope is what we all need when things look dark.

Hope keeps parents from giving up. Keeps you investing in your marriage. Helps the single to take a chance. Keeps you calm when the diagnosis is grim. Can steady your heart when you miscarry for the second time. Embraces you when you bury your loved ones and desperately want to see them. Hope keeps you from the pit of despair. Hope can sustain you.


What can hope look like in everyday life?

  • It’s loving someone first.
  • It’s forgiving.
  • It’s faith in God’s plan for good.
  • It’s giving them another chance.
  • It’s saying “hi.”
  • It’s anticipating the unknown.
  • It’s the smile that comes out of nowhere.
  • It’s looking for the best in someone.
  • It’s looking out the window for the prodigal son.
  • It’s praying, praying, and praying again.
  • It’s inviting after rejection.
  • It’s making peace with others and yourself.
  • It’s seeing glimpses of heaven when you unite with others.
  • It’s taking care of your body.
  • It’s reaching out.
  • It’s letting someone into your world.
  • It’s being Jesus to someone.
  • It’s taking the next step.
  • It’s looking up and not down.


Will you need a little hope next year? I think we all will. Reading scripture builds up my hope. Praying and thanking God for my blessings also helps. Dreaming is one of my all-time favorite things to do. Looking forward to something always helps to build up hope too!  

Let yourself receive the gift of hope this upcoming year. It may start slow but the flame of hope can get bigger the more you let it consume you and hopefully, your hope will be contagious.

Let’s hope together.

5 Replies to “The Thrill of Hope”

  1. We enjoyed reading this,and looking forward to a brand New Year! This reminded me of the song “You Got to have Hope”. Looking forward to using a lot more”HOPE” in the new year!!As always we enjoyed reading your up lifting advice!!!!

    1. Aw thank y’all for reading! Me too! Excited for the new year and hopeful for so much 🙂 Love y’all!

  2. Love your blogs. Thank you. They always seem to arrive in my inbox just when I need it most! I am 34, hot and single and am hopeful for exciting times ahead in 2016. Still hoping and praying that the right man will be revealed….!

    1. Thank you, Annie! I am so glad that my posts speak to you just when you need them…how awesome! Yes, praying that 2016 will be the year us single women meet wonderful men! Happy New Year!

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