It’s My Party…

Birthdays are always funny to me. I usually look forward to them but sometimes, I’ll admit, they can sneak up on me. I love that old song and it’s true, everyone can feel as they wish about birthdays, but I think it just feels better to be excited.


This birthday I’m turning 33. Although I’m proud to keep getting better with age :), birthdays have really become more about being thankful than just aging. The past few years I’ve had some really close people in my life pass away unexpectedly so it hits home how thankful I am to be alive another year with the family and friends I have. I used to dwell on what I “thought” I should have by each birthday, but that did nothing but dig up discontentment and who’s got time for that? Not me!


33 has always seemed like a cool age to me. I think it’s because it’s said to be how old Jesus was the year of his death and resurrection. I know, that’s kind of morbid, but it makes sense in my head. He was able to accomplish everything he needed to in just 33 years for us to receive salvation and the tools to share that with everyone we meet. That’s a full life, I’d say. 


When I was younger, Jesus always looked old to me. He had nice hair and a great smile, but He looked like my parents age. It made sense back then cause I learned so much from Him. Now that I’m the same age as Jesus was on his last days here on earth, he looks more like a friend. Funny thing, that also describes my relationship with Him at this point in my life.


Yes, He is a father, protector, and lover of my soul, but He’s been a good, good friend too. I’m never alone, thanks to Him. He never leaves me, is too busy, or has other plans. He is always there to talk to, listen from, and walks alongside me everywhere I go.


So while it may sound odd, it’s an honor to be turning 33. I’ve always liked odd numbers better anyway 😉

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  1. Charlene Kurkjian says: Reply

    Very nice Mandy! And Happy Birthday!!

    1. Thank you so much, Charlene! 🙂

  2. Happy happy happy Day, we love you so much………you are wonderful 33……not odd at all!

    KK & Pop

    1. Haha! Y’all are sweet! Love ya!

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