Conquering July

I have a confession to make: I hate the month of July.

Basically, I just really hate the heat and the mosquitos.

I was attempting to take a nap on my porch swing a couple of days ago and, right before I fell asleep, I jerked myself awake in fear that I wasn’t breathing.

Literally, I gasped for air. The air was so thick I couldn’t tell my inhale from my exhale.

And don’t get me going about mosquitos. I’ve had them bite me twice now through blue jeans and yoga pants. If anyone wants to invent a citronella coverall I’d love them forever!

I have come to the conclusion that I have seasonal affective disorder of the summertime. Give me a breezy, cold, or rainy day and I’m happy and content. It’s just something about being so hot, sticky, and sweaty that drives me mad. It’s claustrophobic.

In the past, I’ve noticed my body gets sad in July. I feel less energetic, drowsy, sad, get headaches more often, and feel drained easily. I even went to the doctor a couple of summers ago to make sure my blood work was ok because I was feeling so bad.

This summer I’m being proactive.

Here are 4 things I’ve done that have helped me to conquer July:

1) Workout

I’ve decided to go to the gym more often in the evenings to see if those natural endorphins others speak about can help the situation. I’m also around other people more and can listen to encouraging music or podcasts. Those things are always good for my soul.

And for my fellow single ladies out there, one of the major benefits is seeing — men. I work with all females and children… and I’m single…so that’s just the way it is.

2) Porch swinging

I’ll still go outside but only in the mornings and evenings when the sun is down. I’ve made my porch an inviting and cheerful place so that it’s a positive place to be. I’ve bought a solar powered light that I can’t wait to set up and stare at indefinitely.

3) Friends & Family

I’m one of those people that needs alone time and people time. I love to meet up with friends for coffee or dinner and catch up. Family time and visiting my parents is also high on the list. So if you’re feeling a little lonely, reach out to someone you love!

4) Indoor Hobbies

I enjoy a bike ride and walk outside but this weather is not helping that! In the summer, I tend to enjoy more indoor activities and, lucky for me, there are a lot of indoor things that I enjoy doing. Writing, reading, painting, music, movies, eating ice cream, etc.


So what makes you feel bad? I promise a mixture of weather, feeling drained, and busyness in your schedule can really do a number on your psychological and emotional state no matter the season.

It took me a trip to the doctor a couple of Julys ago to realize that it wasn’t something wrong with my body. My mind and body just needed a little extra TLC, understanding, and air conditioning 🙂


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