I Wasn’t Going To Write About This…Part 2

I began a new workout around 10 weeks ago called T25. The idea of following a workout for an entire 10 weeks was daunting, but with some determination & grace with myself, I’m happy to announce that I completed it! If you’re interested in learning more about my experience, here are some of the struggles & benefits that came out of it!


Why did I do T25?

Well, I like to work out at the gym on weekends but having a gym membership also means actually having to drive somewhere other than home after working a 10 hour-long day. So, once I learned that the workouts consisted of 25 minute DVDs I could complete in the comfort of my own home anytime I wanted…I was set!


How long were the workouts?

The workouts are designed to be completed in 25 minutes with an added 2-3 minute cool down at the end. I would say be ready to devote at least 30 minutes to it in all, per day.


Does it matter which one I do?

After the first week, I noticed that there is an actual calendar laid out for you in the DVD case that says the EXACT workouts to complete on each day… haha! I started the actual day-to-day instruction after that.


Are they the same workouts for all 10 weeks?

There is a 5-week program called Alpha you start with and a second 5-week program called Beta you end on. Alpha focuses more on cardio and full body workouts whereas Beta focuses on upper body and core with the use of weights. You do squats and cardio on both of them!

Days 1-4 is one workout per day with the 5th day including two workouts and day 6 is a yoga session. Since the point of me doing T25 was for the shorter workout sessions… I only did one workout on day 5.

So in all, I did 5 workouts a week followed by a 25-minute yoga session on day 6 for 10 weeks. This equals 50 workouts and 10 yoga sessions for a 10-week period!


Did I really do everything Shaun T. did?

The workouts were divided into 30-second to 1 minute long intervals over 25 minutes and would switch from one to another VERY quickly. There are no official breaks built in.

If the current 30-second routine was too much for me, I’d get some water, do the modified version, or do another past routine I enjoyed for that time period.

Who am I kidding though? Sometimes, I would just make a stink face at the instructor and curse under my breath for about 30 seconds too… 😉


Did I diet?

No, I did not go on any diet over the past 10 weeks. BUT…I did watch what I ate. I also had a birthday during the 10 week period so let’s just say I didn’t refuse sweets. I am not a dietician and ate more than what is below but these are “grocery store themes” I remember:

I drank protein shakes, green tea, and coffee occasionally. I drank water with meals (including breakfast) and throughout the day. Oatmeal with fruit; Peanut butter toast; Scrambled eggs with vegetables and salsa added in; Turkey or roast beef and provolone sandwich; Greek yogurt;  Bananas and apple sauce;  Veggie chips;  100 calorie pack cookies; Salads with grilled chicken, veggies, and salsa; Homemade / Low-sodium soup; MorningStar burgers with a salad.

I’m cooking for one, so it’s easy for me to eat something quick to make with less temptation to add on more servings. I allowed myself deserts but it was typically a less than 200 calorie choice each time. I DID eat out about once a week!


Benefits from completing T25:

  • Knowing that I have the self-discipline to complete a 10-week workout program!
  • I now have energy for a 10-hour workday!
  • My endurance and flexibility have greatly improved! (Thank you hip flexor!)
  • I lost 5 pounds, went down 1 dress size, lost 1 inch around my waist, and toned/muscled up some!
  • Saddlebags went “bye bye!” (Thanks to the 100s of squats you do)
  • I did not get sick the whole 10 weeks! (ex: no colds, flu, or tummy troubles)
  • It made me think more about how I treat my body overall! (ex: mind, emotions, food, relaxation, gratitude).


So, if you are the least bit interested in trying out a new workout program that is relatively easy and short, then go for T25! I plan on using some of my favorite workouts in the future at my own time schedule too! This won’t be the last of it but boy am I ready for a little break!!! 


And because I promised them, before & after shots are below…yikes!

Sorry for the poor quality but NO filters were added! 


Before and After: Abs




Proud of Myself!


*I am by no means affiliated with Focus T25 but am just a sucker for infomercials and finally caved in 🙂

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