What to Do When You Feel Stuck

Recently, I had another featured article on iBelieve describing my experience during the ice-tastrophe in January. While I was in the car over 9 hours I had the thought, if I can get out of this mess it sure will make a good article!

Check it out: What to Do When You Feel Stuck

I love how God can use ANYTHING we go through in life and turn it into something that can encourage another. And so it has been seen once again that I am not alone. If you’ve ever felt “stuck” in life, you might enjoy this piece. 




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  1. Beth Martinez says: Reply

    This piece has helped me in a situation where i feel a bit “stuck”. When I turn my worries into praise and prayer, I get the peace I need to move forward by faith in the Lord. Thank You, Mandy. God Bless

    1. Beth, I am so glad that this piece could help you realize even more our dependence on Him! We are not alone in this, and yes, He is always there to move us forward through faith! Right on!

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