For Singles on Valentine’s Day

Don’t we all love getting advice about being single? I mean at this point it’s like getting advice because I’m a girl. Or because I have brown hair. But seriously, I figured if we’re gonna take or give advice about being single, it needs to be from someone who really “gets it.” Someone in the same boat. So, if you’re still hanging in there with me, here is a gift from me to you:


1) There are many forms of love we can celebrate

There are four major forms of love out there. There’s “Storge” (familial love), “Philia” (friendship), “Eros” (romance), and “Agape” (unconditional). Of course, the main one people think of on Valentine’s Day is eros but I’d like to challenge all my single friends to focus on the other three that day! Have a day with family or your closest friends (storge), send friends some text messages with how much you appreciate and love them (philia), or most importantly, take joy in the fact that you have an awesome Savior that loves you so much (agape) that He died just for you! You know all those sappy romance movies and novels where the man puts his life on the line for his love? Good news! Unlike those pretend heroes that died for their ladylove, our Savior died and came back to life! It’s in the history books my friend. I won’t be corny and tell you that Jesus is your Valentine…but you can have a relationship with Him right now. That’s for real.


2) You don’t have to answer to anyone

Questions about what you’ll do on Valentine’s Day are one of the top topics that friends and co-workers will ask. Take time to ENJOY not having to have an answer. On the flip side, what if what your guy has planned isn’t quite the ritzy story your co-worker has next week? In reality, it doesn’t matter what other people think! But for us, there will be nothing to compare this year. Freedom is OURS! And if someone asks you what you’re doing just smile and say: “Exactly what I want!”


3) Get a dose of “Rejection Injection”

Ok, ok. So you’re single. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been in a relationship or maybe the pain is still fresh. Regardless, we need to be careful not to feel too sorry for ourselves on Valentine’s Day. It can be real easy to think about the people that have rejected us. I know I get sad that there’s not a smart man around to enjoy and celebrate my awesomeness and beauty 🙂  Yeah, I said it.

Rejection isn’t always a verbal “I don’t want to date you” though. This is also a silent hardship that comes to both sexes. If you’re a boy and tried to play it safe by not asking out too many lady friends, even though you both enjoy each other, remember that rejection occurs for us every time you don’t ask us out. I like to call that one the “silent killer.” Now fellas, this may also look like never hearing back from that girl you called for a second or third date. I really don’t get how someone could be so silent, but that sucks too! There’s no winner in either of these scenarios.

By remembering that we have more than likely not only been the “Rejected” but also the “Rejector,” we can become less “Woah is me!” about it all. You are probably single for a reason…and that reason is there is someone awesome out there for YOU! You just didn’t meet them before Valentine’s Day 2014.


4) Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.

Go eat some candy or wait till Feb 15th to buy it when it’s cheap. But run fast cause the Easter candy will take it’s place asap!!!   #thriftysingle


 Taking it to heart:

1) What is one thing you can do on Valentine’s Day to make someone else happy?

2) Do you have any fun traditions you do that you want to share with our other single readers?

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  1. Good advice from someone “in the trenches!” Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Thanks Donna! So glad you enjoyed it! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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