Go For It!

The New Year is here. I don’t usually make one yearlong resolution but usually resolute to do different things throughout the year. I did decide on a certain “theme” to the year. Saying “yes” more often to new and different experiences in relationships with people, discovering, style, and health. I also will push through hardships as they come instead of hiding away in fear or hurt.

So far this year, I’ve gone on a “blind date” (those things are always funny no matter what), got a new haircut I’ve wanted for months, had a pretty massive cold, and survived the crazy ice / snow mess while being stuck in my car for almost 9 hours going only 2 miles. I can tell my future children one day that I actually walked a mile in the snow uphill at night. Talk about anxiety! (p.s.- so grateful for friends that opened up their home to me that night!)

I’d say that’s surviving a lot and pushing through 31 days of new experiences!

What is something you have wanted to do that you’ve been putting off? What’s something you see others do or wear but think you don’t “fit “ into that mold somehow? I will be the first to tell you many times I think, “I could never do that! I would look funny. People would think I’m trying too hard.” The key to pulling something off fashion wise is to “work it.” If you feel confident in it (even if you have to fake it at first) people will notice you in a different light.

I was recently at a conference geared towards college-aged kids. Talk about people watching! I was so inspired by the girl’s fashions! They would put things together that I would never have imagined, but because they were confident, I just took it as the stylish way to be! Haha!

Are you still scared of what people may think? Well, forget those people. If you want to wear skinny jeans and high heels, go for it. It you want to chop off your hair and try out a new hairstyle you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest for months, do it. Scared “that guy” won’t like you if you do? WHAT?!?

Ain’t nobody got time for THAT (or him)!

Want to join a fitness class but are afraid you’ll look silly doing it, do it anyway. I promise if you look silly you won’t be alone! Oh to be a fly on the wall in my Zumba and Bellydancing classes!

Truth is, we are our own worst enemies when it comes to trying new things. We get comfortable in our lives and routines. We imagine other people’s reactions to our lives too much and usually it’s negative. We need to stop giving these experiences to other people!

We are the ones that reap the result of the new experiences. We are the ones that can make our own selves happy. We have that power. God gave us that power and the resources to make it happen. He wants His children to be happy and use their gifts. Don’t give your power to someone else that you make up in your head!

In 2012, I reached out to a new friend and mentor to find out about writing. Over the course of the next year I had made at least 3 new writing friends, developed my blog on a new website, was published twice online, and went to a conference where I learned TONS of valuable information on writing and met tons of awesome people!

I didn’t wait until I was the best writer or had tons of confidence to pursue these activities either!

God orchestrated these opportunities, friendships, and activities while I took the initiative of asking questions, talking to new people, and pursuing my dream! That little fire inside you…it’s meant to shine! Light is up!

We are all in this together. Find your best cheerleader and tell them what you want to do. We need each other as we travel through this world. Take that chance this year. Join that group, try out the new hobby, workout, get that haircut, try out the new style you’ve eyed. I promise you’ll be proud of yourself for stepping out and embracing the change.

I know that people will be inspired to go after their own dreams while they see you do the same. Knowing your value is in Christ and nothing can take that away frees you up to embrace each day! Even if it bombs and everyone sees it, people will see how you rise back to the top! And that, my friends, might be one of the best reasons to say “yes!”

 Taking it to Heart:

What is something you have wanted to try or do for a long time?

Who can  be a cheerleader for you through this activity?

6 Replies to “Go For It!”

  1. Hey Mandy, I am glad to see you back! Thanks for this post- I needed this push to try all the stuff I am scared of this year.
    I want to try out a fundraising idea I have for foreign missions. I also want to get started doing some public speaking. I keep hedging on that, but I know I need to hop to it!

    1. Thank you so much Georgia!
      I always look forward to your comments. Oooh, those sound like wonderful new ideas for the year! What kind of areas are you hoping to speak at? I wish you the very best and please keep me posted on your fundraising and public speaking progress!

  2. Another well written post…very encouraging and motivating. I’m looking forward to drawing some bold prayer circles this upcoming year!

    1. Thanks Donna! I’m so glad it was! 🙂 Me too! Can’t wait to get going and see what He has in store this year!

  3. Hey Mandy, I love your confidence and “go-getem” mentality. I can’t wait to hear what other new adventures you experience.


    1. Thank you so much, Sheri! It’s definitely a fun place to be 🙂 I can’t wait to share them and to hear yours as well! Love, Mandy

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