Fall. It is definitely my favorite season of the four. I love the leaves falling, the cool and breathable air, the sweet smells, the clothes, the excuse to stay inside and be cozy, crocheting, camp fires, etc. Just like the seasons, our circumstances and lives also change. Whether we feel like time is flying by or teetering along, we all acknowledge that it changes whether we like it or not.  A little while ago, I was reminiscing while reading through past journal entries and came upon this one below. I wrote it over 5 years ago, back in 2006, while finishing up my Masters degree and beginning my internship down in Warm Springs, GA. A lot has changed in my life since then; however, I feel like I could have written this yesterday. Funny how God keeps reminding me of His goodness and hand in my life. Hopefully, this entry will speak to you as well.

September 4, 2006

  “What season are you?”

A long, long time ago, back in the 7th grade at church camp, the girls and I had a chance to find out what “season” we were. I know, sounds funny right? We actually had color swatches held up to our faces to see which season of colors best complimented our complexion. You can just see us, a bunch of 7th graders sitting around talking about our color matches…ha. Well, it turns out that I was a match for all four seasons. Whew…that was a close one.

Ok, so this blog is not actually about your best season of colors that suite your skin tone, but is actually about the seasons in our life. Not just the four that we greet every year, but the ones that all of us go through, just at different times. During the past couple of months or so I have started to think about this a lot. I think the change of scenery and the coming of Fall have both helped to bring this to my attention. All of us go through seasons whether we realize it or not. Sometimes they are related to our education, relationships…or the lack thereof, work, family and/or friends. When someone is not happy with how their life is going, often times they have compared themselves to someone else. As a result they may feel inadequate and somehow behind. On the other hand, they may feel boastful or somehow ahead of the pack.

What we don’t understand, because of our human disposition, is that we all have different seasons in our lives. Different timelines may be more sufficient a term. The key to happiness in our life should not depend solely in what season we are in. If this was so, then we would always be dependent on our circumstances. The key is to decide to be happy first and take our circumstances as they come. Taking control of what we can and letting God handle the rest. I have an excerpt from one of my favorite authors on this very subject…so here it is:

“I found out a long time ago that complaining about where I was didn’t make God move any faster to change things. It was only after I had released what I longed for and settled into where I was and what I already had before me that things would change.  And not just settled in unwillingly. There has to be a major shift in my approach to where I was at that time. It was only after I embraced my present reality with joy and a grateful heart that things changed. What is the subtle lesson in this? I believe we are to learn to be content in all things so that our emotions cannot be manipulated by circumstances. Any situation that brings joy could change tomorrow. Your ability to be consistently joyful and fulfilled must come from a source higher than what you possess or experience.” –Michelle McKinney Hammond

I know, it sounds much easier than it really is. I will be the first to agree with you. However, I think it is much better to look around and be content with what we have than always pinning for something that is not in our grasp at the present moment. It is then that our seasons do not become so evident and they blend in and out of our lives with peace from God above what we can even fathom.

So, what season are you in? Does it compliment you or not? Don’t fret, your season is coming up soon…

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” -Ecclesiastes 3:1

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  1. I remember reading this back in 2006! It’s still good stuff. Grateful that we have been friends for so many seasons- love you, friend!!!

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